I went to Dr. Helen Wang for acupuncture because I had been experiencing excruciating headaches, neck pain, and was unable to sleep. A prior MRI showed no physical problems. During my first visit with Dr. Wang, I was amazed at how different it was compared to a Western medical doctor’s approach. The room atmosphere was calming and I felt more like I was with a friend who cared rather than a medical doctor. There was not a 15 minute limit to my appointment. I felt relaxed and she asked me to tell her about my pain, how long I had been experiencing it, how I felt and what I believed to be causing it? I did not feel rushed as she listened intently to what I was describing. She did a tongue and pulse diagnosis and then began the acupuncture treatment making sure that the needles caused no discomfort. She put on serene music, lowered the lights and the acupuncture needles did the rest as I lay quietly relaxed. She also prescribed herbs for me to take as tea to continue the treatment. I am now pain free and much more relaxed for the first time thanks to Dr. Wang.  I highly recommend her to anyone who prefers not to treat their symptoms with pharmaceuticals but to cure the cause. Acupuncture and herbs are a more holistic approach to healing.  

—L.R. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen is excellent with his technique. He is patient and caring, explaining everything he is doing so that I understand. He answers all of my questions. I have seen Dr. Chen at various times for about 10 years now and I am very satisfied.

—T.S. – Chapel Hill, NC

I am amazed at how much of a difference Dr. Wang could make with just one treatment! I found Helen to be very patient, kind and a skillful acupuncturist. I am looking forward to working with Helen and having a happier, healthier life!

—B.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr Wang is awesome! She did a great job and was very professional and thorough.

—J.R. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Wang conveys that she is knowledgeable and very much wants to help you. She is a very good listener and responds to all questions and concerns. She is a great combination of friendly and professional.

—S.E. – Chapel Hill, NC

All I can think of to say, and to sum up all of my experience with Dr. Chen several years ago when he treated me for acute anxiety, is that acupuncture works, period. I am back for a second round with Dr. Wang this time for slightly different symptoms. After one appointment with her I am already excited and optimistic about how good I will feel after her treatments and I know how much of a positive effect she will have on my life.

—P.W. – Chapel Hill, NC

I've always been afraid of needles and was pleasantly surprised that the acupuncture treatment did not hurt. I was able to walk better after just one treatment. I enjoy my acupuncture appointments. Dr. Wang put my fear of needles to rest and made me feel that my comfortable and well being were most important. I feel less discomfort in my back and plan to continue my treatments with hope of eliminating the pain all together.

—S.D. – Durham, NC

From the first visit, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Chen's bedside manner. He listens carefully and is extremely intelligent - in fact, his knowledge of both western and eastern medicine allows him to be no just more creative but also more effective. I am a Duke physician and I have rarely been with more kindness and compassion. I would recommend Dr. Chen to my own family and certainly to my colleagues or patients - the highest honor I could give him as a small measure of thanks for his help to me.

—I.W. – Chapel Hill, NC

Hi Dr. Wang,  I have suffered with headaches, sinus congestion, ear canal and jaw issues for several months.  When I called my dentist about the jaw/tooth pain the office told me it was a virus, probably in my sinus cavities since the tooth was previously root canaled and crowned.  It did get some what better but returned later on in the summer.  I have been struggling with it off and on all summer thinking it was allergies. Last time I saw you I asked you to help with the swelling under my eyes.  Your treatment not only helped my eyes but my head cleared for the first time in months!  Thank you so much.

—B.H. – Durham, NC

Dr. Chen is a master of acupuncture.  Whether it is my occasional tight back, my plantar fasciitis from running, my tight jaw or my hotflashes, Wunian never fails to somehow alleviate my symptoms and make me feel better.  I swear by acupuncture and I swear by Dr. Chen!

—C.J. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Helen Wang has a wonderful bedside manner and my treatments have been effective and relaxing.  I highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking a non-pharmaceutical treatment for headaches and neck tension which is what I saw her for and suffer from time to time.  I will continue to see her to keep my neck tension and headaches under control.

—R.S. – Durham, NC

I tell all my friends with lower back pain to see Dr. Chen.  He is amazing.  I don't really understand how acupuncture works.  I just know that acupuncture has helped me like nothing else has been able to.  I think Dr. Chen saved me from having back surgery.

—S.K. – Cary, NC

As a cancer survivor, I initially sought out acupuncture to help me with nausea caused by my cancer treatment.  I now get acupuncture on a monthly basis because it helps me sleep better, have more energy, and just feel better all around.  Helen is wonderful acupuncturist and I am grateful that I found her.

—A.J. – Morrisville, NC

Dr. Chen is an amazing physician. I highly recommend him to many of my friends and family whenever they express an ailment or illness that acupuncture may help with. I truly believe I would not be a mother without Dr. Chen's help! I am so grateful for him!

—G.R. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr Wang was exceptionally attentive, compassionate, knowledgeable, and willing to spend the time necessary to understand my needs and concerns, and create a customized treatment approach. I am very grateful for her total presence and gentle manner.

—N.J. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen has been an exceptional resource for me over the last two and a half years. As a healthy, active person who suffers from bulging discs in my cervical spine, I need to know I can count on a provider who is available to help me and effectively treat acute pain. He never lets me down.

—A.M. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen is an excellent physician and acupuncturist. His manner is exceptional. I highly recommend him.

—B.S. – Cary, NC

I am very pleased with the results of my treatments and will continue with acupuncture for regular "tuneups". I now regard acupuncture as a necessary part of maintaining good health.

—B.H. – Durham, NC

Immediate results with acupuncture... Helen Wang, compassionate and proficient.

—G.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Wang is so knowledgeable, warm and nurturing. I always feel better afterwards, physically and energetically, but also spiritually. She always takes as much time as necessary for me to feel cared for and treated effectively.

—A.K. – Morrisville, NC

Dr. Chen was very attentive to my health and psychosocial history and implemented acupuncture accordingly. Very peaceful and comfortable atmosphere which in and of itself has a positive effect.

—H.P. – Chapel Hill, NC

The very best!

—E.J. – Cary, NC

Dr. Chen is an amazing physician. I highly recommend him to many of my friends and family whenever they express an ailment or illness that acupuncture may help with. I truly believe I would not be a mother without Dr. Chen's help! I am so grateful for him!

—T.S. – Durham, NC

After three years of regular acupuncture with Dr. Wang my serious health condition seems to have stabilized and my quality of life has improved. I believe that she is very skillful as well as being consistently pleasant, caring and centered. I appreciate her wholistic approach. She also treated me for a kidney stone that was blocking one ureter and my urologist said he could not take credit for what occurred.

—A.S. – Raleigh, NC

Acupuncture has saved my well being. In my opinion, there is no illness or health concern that acupuncture cannot benefit or improve. Breast cancer, heart problems, neck, shoulder, and back pain, high blood pressure, hot flashes, and digestion issues have been successfully addressed by the acupuncture treatments I have received. Helen Wang has been a kind, compassionate, and most competent professional in caring for my needs by means of acupuncture. Acupuncture treatments will always be a part of my health care routine, thanks to Helen.

—G.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen is professional and very knowledgeable. Acupuncture is wonderful!

—N.T. – Cary, NC

Dr Chen has treated me for many years for many different things, always with extremely good results. Most recently, he treated for TMJ and headaches. I had immediate pain relief as well as continuing improvement of the TMJ. He is so knowledgeable and skilled. I trust him to help me with any health problems I have.

—C.M. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Chen is the only physician I trust to treat the pain associated with the bulging discs in my cervical spine. In a world filled with people quick to medicate, his acupuncture has provided an effective, affordable alternative that has improved my quality of life significantly.

—A.R. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr Chen is fabulous! Two treatments and the nagging seasonal cough I was having that traditional medicine has not been able to remedy was gone! I have been plagued for years with this and next time it rolls around, I'm going to him first. He has also been able to open my plugged ear that has been troubling me for a couple of years and explain all that is going on in ways I can understand it. He not only treats the ailment, he goes deeper to the systemic and environmental causes. I like that he is an MD both here and in China. He is humble and very caring and honest about what he can and can't do.

—J.S. – Raleigh, NC

I found Dr. Chen and Dr. Coeyteaux years ago when I was desperate to find help with managing my migraines without over-medication. I was at a point where migraines were interfering with life, and I was being overly medicated by a neurologist. I do not do well with medications, and needed someone to listen and care. They understood the debilitating pain a migraine brings.

I found success with Dr. Chen and Dr. Coeytaux. By maintaining a schedule of acupuncture, I reduced my migraine frequency significantly. I am now addressing headaches due to elevated blood pressure, and immediately contacted Dr. Chen to begin addressing this problem.

I've told many friends and Doctors about Dr. Chen over the years. Can't say enough good things about this practice!

—L.D. – Chapel Hill, NC

Helen Wang is the best! I have suffered with headaches, sinus congestion, ear canal and jaw issues for several months. When I called my dentist about the jaw/tooth/ear canal pain the office told me it was a virus, probably in my sinus cavities since the tooth was previously root canaled and crowned. It did get somewhat better but the pain returned later on in the summer. I have been struggling with it off and on all summer thinking it was allergies. Last time I saw Helen I asked her to help with the swelling under my eyes. Her treatment not only helped my eyes but my head cleared for the first time in months! I am so grateful to Helen for all that she has done!  It has taken a few treatments to resolve the sinus and ear issues but now the pain and pressure is totally gone! Also, the herbs I have been taking give me an added edge to controlling my dietary cravings like nothing else I have ever used before. I would like to continue to take them at night when I have the most problems. I just visited my primary care doctor and have lost 12 lbs in the last couple of months! It is so great to finally have better control of my diet instead of it controlling me!

—R.H. – Durham, NC

Acupuncture is amazing. It helps all sorts of problems you would not think about. Dr. Chen is wonderful at what he does. 2,000 years of clinical trials can't be wrong.

—J.M. – Elizabeth City, NC

Dr. Chen has an incomparable ability to listen and quickly understand any condition or presentation. He naturally combines his understanding and compassion to be a true healer. His care is consistently beneficial and I consider him an integral part of my healthcare team.

—S.G. – Chapel Hill, NC

Dr. Wang is a skillful acupuncturist who listens well and with whom I feel safe to share any concern that I might have. She is a master at the art of maintaining an objective stance while at the same time conveying that she is gentle, kind and caring. We have developed a highly functional practitioner-client partnership over the past three years that has been a major element in bringing me out of a state of severe imbalance and into a new state of significantly improved well-being.

—C.W. – Raleigh, NC

I am always amazed at the immediate result I receive from acupuncture treatments. Helen Wang a true professional in every sense of the word. I am grateful beyond words for the services provided and the excellent care I receive.

—G.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

Never disappointed after over 4 years of acupuncture treatments with Helen Wang. Immediate relief, always.

—G.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

Amazed at immediate results from treatment... Helen Wang gives the best care possible to every concern. I could not be more pleased with overall experience!

—G.H. – Chapel Hill, NC

As Dr. Wang's regular patient for the last several years, I have a lot of confidence in her expertise and I appreciate her balanced, respectful, caring manner.

—E.R. – Raleigh, NC

I had suffered for years with seasonal allergies. In the first session, my sinuses opened and the muffled hearing in my left ear went away. After the 2nd session, the persistent, nagging allergy cough was gone! We did 6 sessions in total, and I began taking herbs for sinus support.  For the first time in 20+ years, I made it through an entire year with no colds, coughs or allergies. And, when I do feel something coming on, I will call and make an appointment first at Acupuncture Balanced Health!

—J.S. – Durham, NC