Spring is well underway in North Carolina, and if you are suffering from seasonal or chronic allergies, you are in good company. With more than 25 million adults and more than 28 million children affected, seasonal allergies are the number 1 reason for visits to the doctor’s office. So, we wanted to share a best-kept secret for allergy relief …

Acupuncture Helps Allergies

You can greatly diminish and in many cases even alleviate allergy symptoms with acupuncture. If you struggle with seasonal or chronic allergies, you may get significant relief from targeted, consistent, and evidence-based acupuncture sessions designed to relieve allergy symptoms such as nasal congestion and allergic rhinitis.

Cumulative Effects

One of the amazing things about acupuncture is that the effects of treatment are cumulative, so if you have seasonal allergies you can go for weeks or months without needing acupuncture. Combined with an herbal formula that can be taken at home, our patients have  a full-spectrum solution to seasonal allergies and many of them make it through allergy season with little to no symptoms.

Client Testimony

“I had suffered for years with seasonal allergies. In the first session, my sinuses opened and the muffled hearing in my left ear went away. After the 2nd session, the persistent, nagging allergy cough was gone! We did 6 sessions in total and I began taking herbs for sinus support.  For the first time in 20+ years, I made it through an entire year with no colds, coughs or allergies. And, when I do feel something coming on I will call and make an appointment first at Acupuncture Balanced Health.” J Setzer, Durham NC



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